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The purpose of emergency lighting is to ensure that the main fire exit routes from a building or an open, high risk area can be sufficiently lit in the case of a mains failure, in order to allow persons to safely evacuate the areas or premises.

It is also important to light up certain fire safety equipment such as call points and fire extinguishsers.

There are two types of emergency lights available Maintained and Non-Maintained. The differences are highlighted below:

  • Maintained – Can be set to stay on constantly, this is ideal for emergency exit routes which generally are not lit or have very poor lighting.
  • Non-Maintained – Only turns on in the event of a power failure.

Emergency lighting provides a building with light in the event of a power failure. The purposes of the emergency lights are:

  • To indicate clearly and unambiguously the emergency exit routes.
  • To provide illumination along such routes to allow safe movement towards and through the exits provided.
  • To ensure that fire alarm call points and the fire fighting equipment provided along escape routes can be easily located.
  • To light areas to make it easy to carry out safety measures.
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