C & H Alarms supply and CCTV installation Systems for cost-effective surveillance of your home or business to deter criminals, watch over your property and protect your family.

CCTV is now considered crucial in the prevention and detection of crime. The use of CCTV installation is increasingly being incorporated in the home and commercial security systems, staff surveillance, anti-theft surveillance and access control surveillance. This approach provides the users with an ultimate deterrent that is both visible and effective.

C & H Alarms offer a range of CCTV in Sheffield systems from basic observation systems to complex security camera systems for homes and businesses. Our Digital CCTV enables non-stop recording on hard drives with higher image quality and 24-hour remote monitoring when linked to our Alarm Monitoring Centre, plus the remote viewing of images via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

A CCTV system is a very effective way to create a safer environment for your employees and customers, monitor sales floor activity and create a general deterrent against theft, violence and vandalism. Where incidents occur, the system provides acceptable evidence for prosecution by the Police and in support of an insurance claim.

Take advantage of our up-to-date product knowledge to get the most out of the latest technology. The right positioning is crucial for CCTV so use our in-depth CCTV installation experience to get the best possible coverage. We’ll help you to determine the best system for your needs from a comprehensive range of options. This could include fixed cameras or fully functional cameras, which can tilt, zoom and pan, or include security lighting depending on your needs.

In addition, we also offer a wide range of viewing and recording features to suit the size and layout of your property, including:

    • Digital video recorder onto hard drive
    • Continuous monitoring and recording of multiple images
    • Time and date generation for legal proceedings
    • Instant printing from screen images
    • Remote observation from our monitoring center

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